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It's a new world we live in. Age has less and less to do with life. That is also true with pictures. Many woen feel they do not look good in pictures. That's the challenge we love to here. Proving to them with flattering light and a bit of guidance, they will be surprised at just how photogenic they are.

Give it a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised of the outcome. Contact us today.

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My name is Robert, I have been doing photography for more then 20 years. 90% of my work has been with women. I love to work with them and create photos that show their true style, personality and own profound beauty. Much of my work is of everyday women, not models. With a bit of guidance and direction, we will create stunning looks for you as seen on this website. For the past 5 years my company, RGM Photography has been operating here in SW Florida. We photograph everyone, not just woman. Care to have your own personal photo shoots, contact us today! Customization of photo shoots are done to meet your demanding schedule and budget. We host payment plans as well! Call/message us @ (941) 623-5730 , Email:



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Featured photographer in this magazine, displaying shoot's with models

Francine Sylvia Baptista

Callie Clawson

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Wild West edition featuring model Francine Sylvia Baptista


Street Fashion Magazine editorial featuring model Kelsey Leigh and a custom Harley V-Rod