What exactly is a Meet and Greet

Capturing a great photo or imagine takes not only the skill of the photographer but of the understanding of the person(s) in front of a camera. A meet and greet is a way for us to briefly get to know a client and them us. Within this short time, we work to finding out not only your needs but a little bit about your personality, likes, dislikes, etc.. Then we work to incorporate this information into your photo shoot or your companies image. 

This is and will always be a free service. You are not obligated to any form of photography work from this meeting. If we come to an understanding and arrangement, fantastic! We can begin the process of designing a project fit for you. If not, hopefully both parties can leave knowing they met another new friend!

If this is something that you would like to schedule, we have added a feature both on our Facebook page left hand side and on our companies webpage where you can set up your own meet and greet with us from the comfort of your home or right on your phone!


Robert and Michelle Morra