Tomorrow's Pin-ups, Today!

Tomorrows Pin-up, Today. Featuring the look, style and attitudes of both today's women and cars. We can price this project to your own personal style and affordability. Want to do a shoot with you and your car or create a poster for your spouses car and you, give us a shout!

"Tomorrow's pin-up, Today!"

Welcome to a concept we enjoy doing. Pin-ups have always been of interest to us. Yet we feel it is now time to bring into light pictures many will be looking at in 30,40,50 years from now with the thoughts of what pin-ups looked like in the early part of the 2000's. From the look and feel of the muscle cars being created to of course the woman. We want to bring out a woman's empowerment, style, attitude and outright expression of who and what women were like in the early parts of the 2000's. As with all our services this to can be adjusted to meet your own personal budget. Give us a call and let's talk!

Interested in doing such a shoot, give us a shout!

Francine and a 2008 Ford Mustang GT


Cropped top and jeans, a look woman have been fine tuning since the cowboy days. Ford as well has worked to design the sleek, powerful look in it's '08 Ford Mustang GT. Keeping with competition, Francine shown here in one of her daily casual looks demonstrates how it is difficult to focus on just the car with an equally attractive body standing in front of it.


Spaghetti top and spandex

Who can resist a woman these days that shows total power and sexiness. Same goes for the '08 Mustang GT, with a V8 powerhouse under the hood. Someone call for a "bad ass" pin-up look? Woman today no doubt have their own personal looks to rock a shoot! Sexy woman and a fast car, mixture made in heaven! 

About the Model :

Francine Sylvia Baptista

Interested in becoming the futures next "Tomorrow's Pin-Up, Today!", send us a message!